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Technical Founder & Entrepreneur in Residence (gn) - AgriTech @ FoodLabs, Europe

  • Berlin, Germany
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Paris, France
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Founder & Entrepreneurs in Residence

Job description

We are open to applications from Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Paris, Amsterdam, London, and wider Europe. 

Who are we looking for?

Agriculture - the foundation of human nutrition - is exposed to climate change like no other industry. We need to create solutions that make agriculture resilient and future-proof. There are many ways to do that, e.g. risk management software for global agricultural supply chains, climate analytics, optimizing agronomic resource management, AI-powered wildfire insurance, agricultural robotics solutions, and many more.

We are looking for Technical  Entrepreneurs in Residence, with whom we can build companies to share the resilient agricultural production system of the future and not just enable farmers or stakeholders of agriculture with innovation to tackle their own challenges but have a positive impact on the climate.

As an Entrepreneur in Residence with FoodLabs, you will validate your existing venture idea, and with the support of our dedicated team, turn your concept into a venture-backed business with funding from FoodLabs.

As an Entrepreneur in Residence with FoodLabs, you will validate your existing venture idea, and with the support of our dedicated team, turn your concept into a venture-backed business with funding from FoodLabs. You can learn more about our Founder Studio here.

About FoodLabs

We founded FoodLabs with the commitment to revolutionize the food system and improve both planetary and human health. We envision a future in which the balance between humanity and Earth is restored and maintained sustainably. Our mission goes beyond traditional business limits, pushing into an area where each venture is a stepping stone towards a more resilient planet. We are driven by the pressing need to cultivate a global ecosystem of sustainable food, agriculture, and holistic well-being.

FoodLabs is a venture capital investor and venture studio, based in Berlin with a focus on FoodTech-, AgTech, Health, and Sustainability. We back mission-driven founders solving the most pressing problems along the entire value chain of the food industry. And we strongly believe that science has a key role to play here. Over the last years, we’ve been building groundbreaking ventures with scientists and founders, e.g. Formo, Myota, and Infinite Roots (Mushlabs).

How we collaborate

  • We foster the art and science of entrepreneurship. As an independent entity, you hold a unique position in our program, distinct from incubators with predefined cohorts. You are the core player, and our role is to empower you. The founding team retains majority shares, ensuring our status as the sole investor.

  • Our dedicated team offers comprehensive financial, operational, and strategic support to validate your business model and establish your venture. This includes expertise in Growth & Go-to-Market strategy, Fundraising, Talent Acquisition, as well as Marketing & PR.

  • To help you focus on your venture, we provide monthly financial support to cover essential living expenses. Additionally, our support extends to assisting you in hiring co-founders and key early-stage team members.

  • By joining our network, you gain access to Atlantic Labs & FoodLabs, comprising over 180+ portfolio companies. Our scientific, tech and entrepreneurial community offer valuable advice and mentorship.

  • Count on our unwavering commitment. We stand by our founders throughout the long-term journey of building a successful venture.

Job requirements

What we Value in a Founder

  • Impact: If you're driven to make a significant impact by tackling pressing challenges and instigating transformative change in the food, pharma, or chemicals value chain, we wholeheartedly back your vision.

  • Hustle: Flourishing in a dynamic, high-speed setting, you thrive on rapid iterations and have an inherent bias toward taking action. Your unwavering determination pushes you forward.

  • Curiosity: Embracing ambiguity, you constantly seek new ways to challenge the status quo and revolutionize the industry.

  • Experience: Your ideas and passion are complemented by hands-on experience. You have thrived in demanding commercial environments, whether in consulting, start-ups, or previous entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  • London, England, United Kingdom
  • Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
  • Paris, Île-de-France, France
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